Video: Boeing 777 Harrowing Landing During a Storm in Amsterdam

Footage shows a heart-stopping descent during a harsh storm.

We have witnessed some pretty challenging crosswind landings in the U.K. recently, but this might be a landing to top even the most hair-raising descents. Last weekend a KLM Boeing 777 was captured on video — that has since gone viral — while making its way into Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport during what is being called the “Netherlands’ worst July storm,” according to a report by Reuters.

In the video, the 777 continues to rock violently, battling the high winds until it finally touches down on the runway. One can only imagine the sigh of relief the pilot and passengers released once they were back on solid ground.

The country’s meteorological service issued a “Code Red” warning due to the storm, which delayed dozens of flights at Schiphol Airport.

Check out the tense landing in this video.

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