Cessna Citation CJ2+ No Longer in Production

CJ2+ pulled from Citation line-up due to low demand.

The Cessna Citation jet series has one less family member as the Citation CJ2+ is no longer in production, and is no longer listed under the Citation business jet line-up.

According to Aviation International News, a Textron Aviation spokeswoman confirmed that other models like the Citation M2 and CJ3+ were a “great fit for our customers in this space” instead of the CJ2+. However, the CJ2+ is built on the same production line as the CJ3+ and CJ4 so it could be built again if needed.

But looking at GAMA’s shipment reports, no CJ2+s have been delivered since 2014’s second quarter. Also in 2014, Cessna upgraded the CJ3+ with Garmin’s G3000 avionics, while the CJ2+ upgrades were available in an aftermarket STC’d version called the CJ2+ Alpine Edition.

The Cessna Citation CJ2+ was first delivered back in April 2006.

Last year, Textron Aviation announced the addition of the Citation Hemisphere, a new large-cabin jet.


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