Tamarack Active Winglets Certified for Citation 525 Series

Performance enhancement is now available for CJ3 and CJ3+.

The Cessna Citation CJ3 and CJ3+ can now get a boost in performance as Tamarack Aerospace’s ATLAS Active Winglets have achieved the FAA and EASA supplemental type certificate for the C525B series. Tamarack already has STC approval for the C525-series CJs.

The performance improvement with the active winglets is impressive. “With ATLAS you can climb faster, fly farther and burn less fuel,” said Tamarack’s founder and CEO, Nick Guida. “We flew our Active Winglet CJ3 from Paris, Texas to Paris, France last year in one stop.”

Active winglets allow for a performance enhancing wing extension to be attached without the need for structural reinforcements as the activation of the winglets during turbulence or higher load scenarios alleviates the stress on the wing that is otherwise associated with a longer wing.

Tamarack claims the modification brings the CJ3’s range up to 2,100 nm at maximum continuous thrust with an IFR reserve. The ATLAS also increases the maximum zero fuel weight by 400 pounds, reduces the time to climb to FL450 to 30 minutes or less, increases the stability, and more. The modification also includes new LED navigation and anti-collision lighting.

The cost for the CJ3 is $289,000 while the installation for the CJ3+ runs $319,000.


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