Thrush Aircraft Reports Solid First Quarter Despite Covid-19

The company has added new employees to its roster as well.

Thrush Aircraft reported a very strong first quarter to kick off 2020.Thrush Aircraft

Albany, Georgia-based Thrush Aircraft, makers of a variety of turbine-powered agricultural and firefighting aircraft said in a news release that despite the wide-ranging effects of the Covid-19 virus on the US economy, the company enjoyed a very strong first quarter. “The company’s 2020 order book so far includes some 17 aircraft for both spray and firefighting operations, including Thrush 510Ps, 510Gs and 710Ps destined for customers in the United States, Canada and overseas. Several of these aircraft are expected to be delivered over the next 30 days.”

Thrush also said it added additional staffing and capabilities during this time to support further growth in the year ahead. “Doubling employment levels here at Thrush was a goal from the very start” said Mark McDonald, chief executive officer of Thrush Aircraft. “And, thanks to a strong order book, we were able to do so quite quickly.” Thrush has more than doubled the number of team members in production services at the factory—while adding some critical new hires on the sales and support sides as well. The company has also tripled the size of its engineering department, which is expected to greatly enhance updates and certification capabilities.