FAA Publishes Preflight Briefing Guide for Pilots

Guide offers a blend of traditional printed briefing tools as well as new technologies.

Safe flights always begin with an in-depth preflight briefing.ATP Flight School

The FAA recently published advisory circular 91-92, a guide to assist pilots in completing a comprehensive preflight briefing. The AC, aimed at Part 91 operators, will serve as an educational roadmap for the development and implementation of preflight self-briefings, including planning, weather interpretation, and risk identification/mitigation skills. The guide says, “Pilots adopting these guidelines will be better prepared to interpret and utilize real-time weather information before departure and enroute, in the cockpit, via technology like Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) and via third-party providers.”

In addition to two pages chock full of additional reading resources for pilots—that offers them a closer look at how flight service stations operate today—the guide includes a review of how to find important information on aeronautical charts and a dozen or so of the FAA’s most useful handbooks such as the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM), the Aviation Weather Cam System in Alaska, Canada and Colorado, a look at the Aviation Weather Center (AWC) and the agency’s Risk Management Handbook. The AC also delivers guidance on how pilots can best utilize the bevy of new technological tools now available via the Internet.