Skyryse Says Its New Technology Will Make Learning to Fly a Snap

Imagine how learning to fly changes when pilots need only an iPad to control the aircraft.

According to its website, “Skyryse develops technology that automates the mechanics of flight, reducing the learning curve so that learning to fly is as easy as learning to drive.”

Earlier this week Skyryse unveiled its FlightOS, “a new flight automation system that can be retrofitted to any aircraft and enables anyone to fly as safely as the best pilots on their best day using intuitive controls,” according to the company’s press release. Skyryse says “pilots no longer need to worry about complex flight controls or structural and airframe operating limits. The result is that more people will be able to fly safely in more situations, alleviating a choke point for the many critical organizations that depend on the multi-billion dollar aircraft industry.”

While other innovators in the aviation industry might take exception to the claim, the Skyryse release says, “For decades, there has been little technological advancement in general aviation.” Mark Groden, CEO and founder of Skyryse said, “We want every pilot to learn to fly any aircraft, rotorcraft or fixed wing, and make it as easy as learning to drive. Our system allows the pilot to focus on where they want to go and what they want to do, while our on-board systems handle the aircraft for them. We want to see more men and women in the cockpit, with more capability, and flying safer than ever before.”

The company imagines anyone being able to fly an aircraft by using only an iPad. Skyryse

FlightOS means a pilot can operate an aircraft with a touchscreen tablet or joystick, while on-board computers control all aspects of the flight envelope, manage the airframe’s structural and aerodynamic operating limits, and leverage exterior radar and sensors for real-time situational awareness. The technology can also navigate and traverse difficult flight paths and weather conditions, ensuring safe flight in low or even no visibility. “FlightOS greatly reduces the time and costs associated with learning to fly and staying proficient enough to do it safely.

No word in the Skyryse release about how someone proficient with FlightOS will get past the FAA’s private pilot requirements outlined in the airman certification standards.


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