Video: Inside Look at an Airshow Performer's Life

Take a ride with Michael Goulian and his team.

An airshow routine usually lasts just a few minutes, but the time and effort that goes into that display can take months to prepare — and it's not all about the flying. In a new video series named Live Airshow TV, performers reveal the inside stories of their day-to-day lives. The first episode features Michael Goulian and his small but potent team, Goulian Aerosports, sponsored by Goodyear and aircraft lighting specialist Whelen Engineering.

Goulian walks through the preparation and execution of his final performance of the 2013 season, the Wings Over Houston airshow. He had not flown at the event for several years, and the video recounts how he launched a preliminary flight at the airport to regain his perspective on the show. Goulian also discusses how something "always goes wrong" with every show – but usually it has to do with rental cars, hotel rooms or something else not directly related to flying.

The short video also shows the other side of performing — meeting and greeting fans, speaking to high school students, ensuring that his Extra 330 is in top condition and videotaping each practice and performance for evaluation. The Live Airshow TV series kicks off today. You can watch the three-and-a-half-minute video below.

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