Industry Marks Passing of Jim Christiansen

Business aviation leader passes away at age 67.

Jim Christiansen

Jim Christiansen

** Jim Christiansen**

The aviation industry is mourning the passing of Jim Christiansen, the well-known former president of NetJets and past chairman of the National Air Transport Association. He was 67.

Most recently Christiansen was serving as vice president of business development at FlightSafety International. His start in aviation began as a U.S. Army helicopter pilot serving a one-year combat tour in Vietnam and two years as an instructor.

Over the years he held many leadership positions within the industry. Besides his time at NetJets and many other aviation firms, he also led K-C Transportation Services, Wayfarer Aviation, and TAG Aviation.

Christiansen is perhaps best regarded for chairing the FAA's Fractional Ownership Aircraft Regulatory Committee (FOARC), creating the then-new FAR Part Subpart 91K rules governing fractional operators.

Christiansen was also a founding member and former chairman of the Air Charter Safety Foundation and a 5,000-hour commercial pilot.

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