Cessna Kicks off Revamped Discover Flying Challenge

Cessna partners with OpenAirplane to track the interns in their 172s.

Cessna Discover Flying Challenge

Cessna Discover Flying Challenge

Cessna is launching its third annual Cessna Discover Flying Challenge. But this year is quite different from previous years. Instead of flying Skycatchers, the two-seat airplanes that Cessna took out of production in the past few months, the selected pilot interns will jump into six Cessna 172 Skyhawks.

"The enthusiasm of our interns is contagious and we're thrilled to get them in the air in their customized Cessna 172 Skyhawks," said Cessna's senior vice president of piston aircraft, Joe Hepburn.

Not only will the platforms be different this year. Cessna also announced it has partnered with OpenAirplane, the company that connects flight schools and airplane owners and allows for one checkout to gain access to a vast number of airplanes around the country.

You can get involved with the Discover Flying Challenge by tracking the interns and finding upcoming events via OpenAirplane's specially designed tracking system on dfc.openairplane.com. OpenAirplane uses the same mapping tool for the DFC as it does to track airplanes available within their network around the country.

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