Video: Six-Year-Old’s Joyous First Flight

Father captures heart-warming moment of his daughter's first flight.

Six-year-old Lainey Woodson never had an interest in flying, until her first flight on Oct. 5, 2012. The youngest of four, she was always scared of flying, unlike her older siblings.

On a clear October day, her family traveled out to York, South Carolina (01SC), to the grass strip for a picnic and an afternoon of fun. That’s when her father, Bobby Woodson, decided to duct-tape his GoPro video camera to his 1946 Aeronca Champ 7AC, in which he soloed on his 16th birthday at the same grass strip, and capture the wonderful moment of Lainey’s first flight. And her reaction, well, it speaks for itself. But it’s sure to remind you of that unforgettable feeling of what it’s like to fly.

Bobby was also featured in a 2009 Flying article about flying a DC-3 here.


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