Fly-In Destination: The Bahamas

There's no other international destination as beautiful or hassle-free than the Bahamas.

For a top-notch flying destination, the Bahamas is tough to beat. I recently accompanied Neil Glazer from Pilot Mall to the islands in his Mooney Ovation.
Our first stop was Grand Bahama, one of the two most populated islands in the region.
As we hopped from island to island, the open skies made for some spectacular views, as well as some fun formation flying.
**A number of different aircraft made the trip, including a Beech Baron operated by Air Journey, as well as this Cessna 182, brought to the islands by Sun 'n Fun.
This Breezer LSA also made the journey. The Bahamas now recognizes and welcomes all experimental and light sport aircraft to the region.
Our second destination was Great Harbour Cay, a 7.5 mile-long island with a population below 1,000. For a quick drink or a great hamburger, visit the beachfront grill right across from the airport.
Our third destination was the region of Exuma, which provides some of the most stunning water views on the planet.
The area has served as the backdrop for a number of major Hollywood blockbusters, and while sparsely populated, is home to a number of private airstrips.
The view from Exuma's most luxurious resort, Grand Isle Resort and Spa. **
**_(Photo courtesy of Neil Glazer)
Like others looking for a fun, relaxing afternoon, our group headed over to Chat n' Chill upon landing. (Photo courtesy of Neil Glazer)
In addition to food and drinks, the beachfront locale offers the opportunity to swim with sting rays.
For our final destination, we headed to San Salvador island, doing some more formation flying along the way.
Never having made an international trip via private airplane before, I found flying to the Bahamas to be surprisingly easy, with few regulatory hurdles to overcome.
According to Flying Ambassador Terry Spurlock, not only is the trip easy to make, but it's also the least expensive international destination for GA pilots. Pilots and passengers need only pay a $25 fee upon departure to the U.S.
The entire Bahamas fly-in group. **
**_(Photo courtesy of Bahamas FAM trip)