AirVenture 2013: Show Highlights

Take a look back at some of the best moments at AirVenture 2013.

Crowds were good at AirVenture 2013, and airplane traffic was busy. With EAA ponying up the dough to get the FAA to send air traffic controllers to the show, the flow of traffic was smooth and accident free. (Text by Robert Goyer and photos by Jim Koepnick)
One of the big drawing cards at AirVenture 2013 was Yves Rossy, aka Jetman, who performed three times in front of the throngs along the flightline. While Rossy’s act looks spectacular when viewed on YouTube, the FAA restrictions, including a 2,500-foot floor, made the carbon fiber winged flying man appear as a speck against the cloudy background.Jim Koepnick
A highlight of the show was the appearance of the Terrafugia flying car, which flew before Oshkosh crowds on Monday. The roadable aircraft was anything but a snappy performer, but it looked as though it would do exactly what it’s intended to do. Perhaps the most impressive part of the performance was the automatic wing folding, no tools required.Jim Koepnick
The Phillips 66 Plaza was lacking military hardware this year, because of Pentagon budget cuts. There were a few privately owned late-model warbirds, including a Harrier that made very low-speed passes, and several training jets, as well.Jim Koepnick
The unsung hero of the show was the weatherman, who delivered seven days of the most gorgeous weather this writer has seen in 22 years of attendance.Jim Koepnick
It’s not often that we humble pilots get to see a world premiere, but this was the year at AirVenture, when Disney treated an estimated 15,000 attendees to a free viewing of Planes. Two thumbs up from this reviewer. (Photo by Robert Goyer)
In the absence of the military teams, EAA chairman Jack Pelton promised a great airshow with all civilian acts, and he came through on the promise. Especially entertaining were big stars Mike Goulian (right) and Sean D. Tucker.Jim Koepnick
But up and comer David Martin tumbled his way into that conversation with a pair of spectacular performances.Jim Koepnick
Speaking of Sean D. Tucker, the aerobatics legend was honored to be named chairman of the Young Eagles, taking the reins from Miracle on the Hudson pilots Sully Sullenberger and Jeff Skiles. Never one to hide his enthusiasm, Tucker greeted the news at the EAA’s Gathering of Eagles fundraiser with a heartfelt “Yeah, baby!” View more photos from AirVenture here.Jim Koepnick