A Faster King Air

King Air B200GT
Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics were standard in the B200GT's predecessor, but the new suite has traffic and terrain warning as standard. And the King Air B200GT is fully compliant with RVSM standards so it can fly above FL280 in U.S. airspace.
The King Air's spacious cabin has always been one of its strongest selling points.
Looking for an external clue? The only way to tell from the outside this is a B200GT is its larger exhaust stacks -- the same as those found on the King Air 350.
The airplane flown for this report was equipped with the Collins Pro Line 21 integrated avionics system as stand-ard, including the single FMS and a radio tuning unit. Raisbeck wing lockers had been installed as a post-production option. The basic empty weight of the airplane flown was actually 28 pounds less than the typical weight listed by Beech. All information is from the airplane manual and reflects stand-ard day conditions unless noted.