Flying Matters: Flight1

Flight1 shows how piloting airplanes gives kids the self-assurance to navigate life.

Courageous Fliers usually start with a simulator session. It's tough to impress tech-savvy kids but this seems to do the trick.
The simulator can be a little intimidating at first. Flight1 founder Marcus Strawhorn explains what to expect.
Determination leaves no place for anxiety once the flying starts!
After their simulator session, Courageous Fliers receive Flight1 wings recognizing their entry into the three-year program.
Soon the Courageous Flier goes aloft and is invited to take the controls under the guidance of a Certified Flight Instructor.
The children learn how planes fly and what the different components do. Flight1's focus is always on one-to-one interaction.
Our volunteer CFIs explain to each Courageous Flier why a thorough preflight check is always a must.
One final briefing and then it's time to fly!
"Clear prop!" This Courageous Flier is a natural. Her late father was a UPS captain and her mother is also a licensed pilot.
Back on the ground, it's time to sign the logbook.
Courageous Fliers receive a certificate of recognition. This young lady's flight suit was a gift from her father's Air Force buddies.
Flight1 continues to support Courageous Fliers with ongoing flight-related activities like the Indianapolis Air Show. (Photo by Marcus Strawhorn)
Courageous Fliers check out the cockpit of a retired FedEx 727 during their recent tour of Purdue University's aviation facilities. (Photo by Marcus Strawhorn)
Flight1 also partners with organizations like the National Kidney Foundation. This hot air balloon wowed the kids at Kidney Camp 2013.
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