Embraer Phenom 300

A minor upgrade to the Phenom 100? Not even close. Bigger, faster, stronger and more sophisticated, the 300 is a whole different class of airplane.

Featuring comfortable and adjustable seats, excellent headroom and legroom, and the best windows in its class, the 300's cabin is a great place to work or relax.
Conceived jointly with BMW Designworks, the interior is upscale and minimalist, using clean lines and muted colors to give the feeling of larger space.
The seats in the Phenom 300 fully recline.
**With a trio of 12.4-inch LCDs, Embraer's signature ram's horn yokes and lots of glass, the flight deck is as beautiful as it is functional. **
**The power settings are marked, though there aren't actual detents. The fadec computers synch the engines. **
The controller for the dual-channel digital Garmin GFC700 autopilot is situated atop the displays (along with the digital standby instrument). There's full vertical navigation capability and even airspeed hold.
The Phenom 300 has trailing link main landing gear.
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