Hawker 4000

The 4000 is the first Hawker with enough space for a full capability galley, including enough equipment to prepare full meals.
The 4000 galley includes a sink and enough equipment to prepare full meals.
The Hawker 4000’s six-foot cabin headroom carries all the way aft into the lavatory.
The stout trailing link main landing gear with large diameter wheels and brakes account for much of the excellent short runway performance of the 4000 because they get the airplane stopped quickly after landing, or during an aborted takeoff.
The trademark ram’s horn control yokes and the unique shape of the glareshield hark back to the long line of Hawker business jets, but the rest of the 4000 cockpit is all new. The center EICAS display shows all essential engine, fuel and other information, along with crew advisory messages in the upper right. The MFDs on either side are showing real-time system operation with bleed air on the left and electrical system on the right.
The main cabin door has a double hinge at the bottom so that is slides down behind a series of fixed pins to make it a “plug” style fit.
The airplane flown for this report was the first production model delivered. It was equipped with the optional six chairs and three-place divan instead of the double club seating for eight. The basic operating weight (BOW), which includes 400 pounds for the two pilots, and 300 pounds for cabin stores such as water, galley provisions and manuals, was 23,450 pounds, which is 50 pounds less than the expected typical BOW. The data below is from the aircraft manuals and reflects standard day conditions.


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