Mystery Aircraft Lost in Tennessee River

Responders work to find downed aircraft.

First responders were not clear what type of aircraft they were searching for after several eyewitness reports indicated that a crash had occurred in the Tennessee River about 20 miles west of Florence, Alabama. Some reported seeing an airplane while others said it was a helicopter that disappeared yesterday in foggy conditions over the river.

The most credible answer appears to be that the aircraft was a helicopter. WHNT News 19 reported that a helicopter was missing from Haverfield Aviation, a company headquartered in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, that specializes in aerial power line inspection and construction support services. GPS data appears to indicate that the missing helicopter matches the aircraft that disappeared in the river.

Items such as bags, a first aid kit and log books that appear to have been on board the aircraft have reportedly been found. The Colbert County Emergency team used sonar and a dive team in its attempt to locate the wreckage.

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