FAA Proposes Flight Review Changes

Flight instructor practical test would count as a BFR.

Flight Review

Flight Review

The FAA announced changes that would exempt some pilots from having to complete a biennial flight review. Open for public comment through October 16, the proposal posted in the Federal Register this week seeks to address what the FAA says it now views as an error in the list of exceptions to meet the 24-month flight review requirement.

The changes affect all pilots who pass a flight instructor practical test. Previously the FAA had ruled that instructor flight tests didn't count toward the flight review requirements because they do not constitute a "pilot proficiency check." The agency now says that was the wrong way to interpret the rules. It has decided to amend FAR 61.56(d) to include successful completion of a flight instructor practical test among the flight review exceptions.

As part of proposal the FAA is also seeking to change the language in FAR 61.57(e) to make it clear that recent flight experience requirements met under Part 121 satisfies requirements for Part 135 and vice versa. In making the change, the FAA says it is acting consistently with the original intent of the regulation – specifically, providing relief from redundant recency requirements.

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