CJP Offers Benefits for Turboprop and Jet Owners

Free trial membership includes fuel discounts.

Citation Jet Pilots Membership

Citation Jet Pilots Membership

The Citation Jet Pilots association is offering a free six-month trial membership to operators of turbine-powered Textron Aviation aircraft, including Citations, Hawkers, King Airs, Caravans and Cessna turboprop twins. The membership includes CJP's FuelAdvantage program, which offers lower pricing for jet A fuel at more than 100 airports around the world.

"FuelAdvantage FBOs strive to offer the most affordable fuel price — providing both savings in time and operating costs," said Kriya Shortt, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Textron Aviation. "We are pleased to offer this exclusive access to Textron Aviation customers."

In addition to offering its members the FuelAdvantage program, CJP works with suppliers and insurance underwriters to reduce the cost of Citation ownership. As with other type clubs, members share information with each other through online forums and have an annual convention to help the members optimize their jet ownership.

After the trial period, customers can continue their membership at an annual cost of $300.

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