The New Highlander SuperStol

New wings and landing gear provide good short field capabilities.

Just Aircraft out of Walhalla, South Carolina, is delivering a new short takeoff and landing version of its Highlander — the Highlander SuperStol. This new version has a modified wing design and new, beefier landing gear that allows the airplane to fly into short backcountry airstrips.

Tundra tires up to 29 inches can be fitted onto the landing gear, which is equipped with shocks to dampen the bumps at rough airstrips. The new wing design features wing slats and Fowler flaps, which provide the airplane with a stall speed of 28 knots and the ability to take off and land at a distance as short as 150 feet. Existing Highlanders can be retrofitted with the new wing, which is also foldable.

The Highlander SuperStol can be purchased as an SLSA for $104,500, a price that includes a 100 hp Rotax 912ULS engine, and it can also be ordered as an experimental kit.


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