Gulfstream G280 Lands Provisional FAA Certification

G280 close to full-fledged approval.

Just a few months after Gulfstream’s flagship G650 snagged provisional certification from the FAA, the company’s newest airplane, the Gulfstream G280, has accomplished a similar feat.

All that is left to finish on the Gulfstream G280 for the full FAA nod is an update to the super-midsize jet’s avionics system, the company said late last week.

The provisional TC comes after Gulfstream’s three G280 test aircraft tallied more than 1,845 hours on close to 700 test flights. The aircraft that emerged from those flights boasts a range of 3,600 nautical miles and a takeoff runway of 4,750 feet, specs better than originally expected when the aircraft was first announced in October 2008.

The Gulfstream G280, initially numbered as the G250, is a replacement of the G200 and comes equipped with an entirely new high-speed wing, auto-braking and the PlaneView cockpit, as well as the option for HUD and EVS. The aircraft cabin, which is 26 feet long and just over 6 feet high, can seat 10 passengers.

Gulfstream CEO Larry Flynn said G280 deliveries will begin later this year as expected.

View our Gulfstream G280 photo gallery here.


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