John and Martha King Honored by The National Association of Flight Instructors

The founders of King Schools began by using their first airplane to travel for ground school classes.

John and Martha were all smiles when they received the prestigious NAFI award.NAFI

Two of Flying's long-time columnists, John and Martha King, were recently awarded the Jack J. Eggspuehler Service Award by the National Association of Flight Instructors. The Eggspuehler award is NAFI's highest honor and is named for the association's past president and founder. The award is given to deserving members, industry leaders and/or organizations that have performed great services for NAFI in benefit of its members.

Martha King said, “We are honored to be included in such distinguished company. The previous award winners are movers and shakers in the aviation community. NAFI plays a critical role by supporting the flight instructors who mentor our future pilots. Being chosen by this group of peers is very special.”

“Previous award winners have made great contributions to aviation,” added John King, “and to be included in that group is humbling. As Martha said, CFIs set the tone for the entire aviation community. For more than 50 years, NAFI has been at the heart of the flight instructor community. They have played a vital role in coaching instructors on how to teach risk management. We are thrilled to be supporters of NAFI, and to be honored by them.”

Bob Meder, Chairman of NAFI, explained the thinking behind awarding this honor to John and Martha. “The Kings’ passion for flying led them to start King Schools in 1975. Their work, first flying their own plane to give in-person seminars, then teaching through VHS tapes and DVDs and eventually providing courses online, has revolutionized flight training. Just as important has been the Kings’ commitment to improving aviation safety. They’re prolific writers, have given countless live talks, served on many FAA committees, and their personal candor about their flying experiences has helped countless pilots learn and improve. They were perfect candidates to receive this distinguished award.”