How Elbit Systems’ SkyLens Elevates Cockpit Safety

The wearable device combines with insight flightdeck.

Universal Avionics and its parent company Elbit Systems have integrated panel-mounted avionics with a wearable HUD, allowing pilots to view critical flight data wherever they turn their heads. The SkyLens is particularly useful once the final approach fix has been passed. While looking through the lens into the outside environment, the pilot is able to see the picture through an enhanced-vision-system camera, bringing clarity to low-visibility conditions. Paired with Universal’s InSight avionics suite, SkyLens offers “look, point and click” technology for control of FMS functions. InSight STCs are in the works for the Cessna Citation VII and Dassault Falcon 50.

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SkyLens is part of the Clearvision Enhanced Flight Vision System family and can be integrated with other avionics without a fixed HUD, its makers said.


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