Garmin Brings Out Upgrades to G500/G600 TXi Models

Compatibility within Piper Meridian, Cirrus models expands the displays' range.

Garmin has outlined a host of updated capabilities and compatibilities for its G500 TXi and G600 TXi flight displays, including autopilot integration and engine indication system (EIS) enhancements. The updates primarily focus on the Cirrus SR20 and SR22/22T, and the Piper PA-46-500T Meridian. Garmin began shipping the displays in March 2018.

The dealer-installed updates begin with the capability for owners of Cirrus SR20 and SR22 piston singles equipped with legacy Avidyne flight displays—or the very original six-pack—to upgrade to the G500 TXi in order to modernize, including the addition of engine indications. Percent power, turbocharged engine data, and up to six customizable engine parameters will be available.

Compatibility with the GFC 500 autopilot is still in the works for the Cirrus SR22 and SR22T, with availability projected in the fourth quarter of 2020. In the meantime, the G500 TXi models connect with Avidyne’s DFC90—which is also convenient for those who wish to keep their current autopilot—or those flying the SR20 so equipped. Once the GFC 500 update comes on line, Garmin’s electronic stability and protection (ESP) and descent VNAV will be available.

A new display layout on the 10.6-inch version of the TXi units incorporates an MFD and EIS presentation, showing a strip of EIS data that takes up about 20 percent of the display. Pilots can choose to use the remaining real estate to show the moving map alone, or in a split screen with an approach chart, for example.

Garmin has also added the Piper PA-46-500T Meridian to its list of aircraft able to display EIS information on the TXi. This adds to the list of Pratt & Whitney PT6A-equipped turboprops it can handle, including the Cessna 208/208B Caravan, Daher TBM 700 or 850, and the PA46-310P/350P JetProp. The Meridian is compatible with both the G500 TXi and G600 TXi, putting EIS information next to PFD and MFD presentations in a single display screen.


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