FreeFlight Systems Gains STC Approval on ADS-B Solution

The Datalink ADS-B certification covers a wide range of singles and twins.

FreeFlight Systems has been granted approved model list-supplemental type certificate (AML-STC) approval on its dual-band Datalink ADS-B In receiver and transceiver, with the approval covering a wide range of single- and multiengine aircraft. More than 400 models from manufacturers—including Beechcraft, Cessna, Cirrus, and Piper—will be eligible for the installation.

The Datalink ADS-B options include both receiver and transceiver models, and the approved certifications for ADS-B transmissions are: transmission on the 978 UAT frequency, receiving flight information broadcast services (FIS-B), receiving and processing aircraft surveillance application systems, and receiving traffic information systems broadcasting (TIS-B) and global positioning systems. The Datalink ADS-B connects with both traffic alert systems (TAS) and traffic collision avoidance systems (TCAS), via ethernet, RS-232 and ARINC 429 interfaces.

The system will also connect with a wide range of avionics in the panel as well as iPad and other tablet-based applications, allowing the user to view datalink weather (through FIS-B), TFRs and notams, and improve position reporting with ATC. For those users with the company’s existing RANGR ADS-B solution, FreeFlight offers a trade-in option for $2,500. The RANGR Lite FDL-978-TXL debuted in 2015.


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