Daher Achieves FAA Certification for TBM

Single-engine turboprop adds autothrottle and automatic de-icing capabilities.

With FAA certification in the books, the autothrottle-equipped TBM 940 can be delivered to U.S. customers.Daher

French aircraft manufacturer Daher has achieved FAA certification for the latest version of its highly successful TBM series—the TBM 940. This new model adds the safety of an autothrottle to the previous model, which was already chock-full of safety features such as Underspeed Protection, Electronic Stability Protection, and Emergency Descent Mode, all incorporated into the Garmin G3000 touchscreen flight deck.

The autothrottle system consists of a single lever that assists the pilot by automating the power applied to the Pratt & Whitney PT-6 engine. The system works through the autopilot, and Daher claims that the TBM 940 is the first autothrottle-equipped turboprop with full autopilot integration. An aftermarket autothrottle system is available for the Pilatus PC-12 though Innovative Solutions & Support’s STC.

An additional safety feature was also introduced with the 940—an automatic de-icing system. The system automatically activates when it detects ice on the airframe, propeller, windshield and inertial particle separator. Along with the new safety features, Daher took the opportunity to update the cabin environment, with added options for configuration, design, comfort, storage and privacy.

Daher announced the new model in March and brought it to the Paris Air Show in June after achieving EASA certification and delivering the first 940 to a British customer. Since then, Daher has continued to deliver the 940 in Europe and Latin America, but the FAA certification now allows for deliveries to the company’s most prolific market.

The company also continues to offer the G1000-equipped TBM 910. While similar in all ways except the avionics suite, this model lacks the autothrottle and automatic de-icing capabilities.