Citation CVR Recovered from Lake Erie

Cockpit voice recorder from jet that went missing on December 29 has been sent to the NTSB lab.

The cockpit voice recorder from a Citation CJ4 that disappeared over Lake Erie has been recovered and sent to the NTSB for analysis.Textron Aviation

Divers have recovered the cockpit voice recorder, pieces of aircraft debris and human remains from a Cessna Citation that disappeared over Lake Erie on the evening of December 29.

The twinjet had been headed for the Ohio State University Airport from Cleveland when it disappeared from the radar about 2 miles over Lake Erie after it took off with six people on board from Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport.

The plane was registered to Cleveland executive John T. Fleming, who was flying the airplane to a Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game when it disappeared with his family and friends on board.

Search efforts were initially hampered by 15-foot swells on Lake Erie. Divers retrieved the CVR along with a piece of the airplane's tail, a cabin seat and other pieces of debris.

The cockpit voice recorder has been sent to Washington for analysis by the NTSB.