Watch: How to Apply for an Airline Pilot Job Online

Learn some tips and tricks to help make an arduous task go a little more smoothly.
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Street Captains at the Major Airlines? They’re Already Here!

A confluence of events is resulting in pilots getting more choices earlier in their careers.
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The Pros and Cons of a Flying Career

If you're considering a job as a pilot, make sure you watch this video before you take the gig.
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How to Write an Aviation Resume

Hiring managers at airlines go through hundreds of resumes. How do you make yours stand out?
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On the Road as a Professional Pilot

Watch what it's like to go on a work trip as a pilot for a major U.S. airline.
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What Defines a Professional Pilot?

A gaffe in his last edition motivates the author to clarify his stance on ‘pro or no?’
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It’s a Headset Thing

An in-depth, long-term review on a headset that a lot of recreational and professional pilots use regularly. But is it right for you?
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For This Writer, a New Era Brings a Change of Course

Welcome to ‘V1 Rotate,’ a new digital series from a longtime friend of FLYING.
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