Building Time in a Taildragger

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In this week's episode of V1 Rotate, Sam Weigel takes a break from the Boeing 737 to show off his newest acquisition, a freshly restored 1946 Stinson 108 taildragger. Recounting his journey from training in "boring" airplanes to being introduced to the Piper J-3 Cub ("The world's worst airplane for every mission but one...") to owning several tailwheel aircraft, Weigel explains how these classic airplanes are still relevant today to the new or aspiring professional pilot.

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Sam Weigel has been an airplane nut since an early age, and when he's not flying the Boeing 737 for work, he enjoys going low and slow in vintage taildraggers. He and his wife live west of Seattle, where they are building an aviation homestead on a private 2,400-foot grass airstrip.

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