Switching Careers Late in Life, Part 2

Sam Weigel flies with Dick Karl in his Cessna Citation CJ1 to talk about Karl’s career switch to flying Part 135.

What's it like to go from the operating theater to the flight deck? We share the rest of the story, which we started last week in "V1 Rotate: Making the Switch," as we join FLYING columnist Dick Karl as he explains to Sam Weigel how he made the transition from success as a cancer surgeon to a satisfying second act as a Part 135 pilot.

Part 2 of Weigel's interview with Dick Karl takes the pair to Karl's patio in Tampa, Florida.
Sam Weigel has been an airplane nut since an early age, and when he's not flying the Boeing 737 for work, he enjoys going low and slow in vintage taildraggers. He and his wife live west of Seattle, where they are building an aviation homestead on a private 2,400-foot grass airstrip.

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