Single-Pilot Training

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A New Single Engine Speed Champ

Mooney's Acclaim may very well be the fastest piston-single on the block.
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Bartlesville Biplane Expo

Two-winged creations from every era of flying history
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Liberty XL2

This time, it's certified.
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Fastest Piston in the Skies?

Mooney's new turbocharged Acclaim is powerful and sleek. Will it take the title as fastest piston-powered plane from the Columbia 400?
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Making the Leap from Pistons to Jets

Can an average pilot with average skills make the transition from the flatlands to the flight levels?
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Defogging Datalink Weather

There's a host of options available for in-cockpit weather. Which is right for you, and how much will it cost?
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Canyonland Cruiser: Cessna 208B

This tricked-out Caravan is the ultimate ticket to the back country.
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CAN Raffle Has an Amazing Winner

Corporate Angel Network's annual Flying-sponsored raffle at NBAA was won by a guy with a lot of love for CAN and its good ...
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Gordon Baxter Inducted into Texas Hall of Fame

The author of Bax Seat for almost 30 years, the late Gordon Baxter was honored for a lifetime love of wings and sky.
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