CAN Raffle Has an Amazing Winner

The winner of the 2005 Corporate Angel Network Raffle is Greg Cook of Makanda, Illinois. We can?t imagine a better story. The proceeds from the raffle benefit Corporate Angel Network, a non-profit organization that promotes and supports the transportation of cancer patients to remote treatment centers on corporate jets. CAN-member flight departments have flown more than 20,000 patients on such flights since the organization?s founding in 1981. Cook is the owner and president of Cook Portable Warehouses, a company that manufactures ready-to-install portable outbuildings. And he?s a cancer survivor himself, having contracted and recovered from Hodgkin?s in the 1980s. Like so many of us, he also knows the impact of the disease firsthand, too, having lost his father two years ago to cancer. Not surprisingly, he?s a strong supporter of CAN?he transports patients on the company?s Citation Ultra?and this year marked the eighth time that Cook has supported CAN by entering the raffle. As the winner of the raffle, Cook takes home a two-year lease on a 2006 Dodge club cab pickup and a five-year lease on a Bombardier Seadoo XV5330 personal watercraft. Congratulations . . . and thanks.


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