A New Fractional Vision Explored

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FAA Harassed Pilot of Fatal CJ Crash

The DOT?s Inspector General concluded that an FAA inspector systematically harassed a pilot who died in a CJ crash. The NTSB says the ...
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Flying a Fraction of an Airplane: Part III

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Fractionals for Small Airplanes: Part II

Can little airplane fractional ownership programs work? There are good signs in our long term test of a fractional Skylane.
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Fractional Ownership of Small Airplanes: Can It Work?

Flying sets out on a long-term test of a fractional ownership program for small airplanes.
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King Interactive DVD Breaks New Ground

Here's how King Schools' new educational interactive DVD packages can save you time and boost your scores.
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New Certificates

The FAA in Ok City has been getting permanent certificates out to pilots many months late.
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New Flagship for Dassault

Dasault's under-development FNX will be the biggest, baddest and most advanced Falcon yet.
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