Flight Chops: Rescue Survivor Qualification with the U.S. Coast Guard

What it’s like to experience an “average day for a Coastie.”
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Airbus Test Pilots Took a Festive Flight Path Over Germany

It’s not the most beautiful Christmas tree, but it’s the thought that counts.
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Blue Origin Celebrates First Flight of New Shepard’s Crew Capsule 2.0

Owner Jeff Bezos called the latest reusable rocket test a “great ride.”
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Flight Chops: The Highs and Lows of Flying with Passengers

Training doesn’t always cover what it’s like to deal with human distractions.
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Boom Supersonic Teams Up with Japan Airlines

Partnership will focus on refining the aircraft design and passenger experience.
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American Airlines, Union Put an End to Holiday Pilot Dilemma

Passengers no longer have to worry about their travel plans after brief scheduling mistake.
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Surf Air Members Can Now Pay with Bitcoin

The Silicon Valley airline is accepting “the future of money.”
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Flight Chops: Survive a Forced Landing in the Winter Wilderness

The Survival Shakedown is a crash course in being prepared for the unexpected.
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Airbus Teams with Roll-Royce, Siemens on E-Fan X Hybrid-Electric Technology

The electric flight demonstrator is slated to fly in 2020.
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Pilots Union at Odds with American Airlines Over Holiday Scheduling Mistake

A computer “glitch” has left thousands of December flights without crews.
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