Flight Chops: Rescue Survivor Qualification with the U.S. Coast Guard

For this Throwback Thursday edition of Flight Chops, we're going back to 2016 for a really cool example of how being an aviation YouTube celebrity leads to some pretty awesome adventures. Or, in this case, how two aviation YouTube celebrities received the opportunity to undergo U.S. Coast Guard training because they have some fans in high places.

Flight Chops teamed up with "steveo1kinevo" after their fan, LCDR Charlie Wilson, reached out to offer them a helicopter flight. Instead, the pilots chose to get a taste of "Scary, Rewarding, Exciting and Exhausting" rescue training, which for Chops included the very intimidating SWET chair. Steveo wasn't as keen to live a "day in the life of a Coastie," and so he passed on being flipped upside-down under water.

As an added bonus, Chops even went through the experience of being rescued by the Coast Guard.

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