Czech Aircraft Launches PS-38 Tourer

High-wing two-seater shares features of Sport Cruiser.

Czech Sport Aircraft PS-38 Tourer

Czech Sport Aircraft PS-38 Tourer

** Czech PS-38 Tourer**

On the opening day of Aero Friedrichshafen 2014 in Germany, Czech Sport Aircraft unveiled its latest light sport aircraft, the PS-38 Tourer.

The new model is an all-metal two-seater with a high wing that Czech Sport Aircraft says shares commonality with the low-wing PS-28 Cruiser and Sport Cruiser models. All come equipped with dual Dynon 10-inch SkyView displays, Garmin 796 GPS and Garmin GNC 255a navcom. Power in the Tourer, as in the Cruiser and Sport Cruiser, is supplied by a single Rotax 912 ULS2 mated to a Sensenich fixed-pitch three-blade propeller.

Demonstrating the “versatility of configuration for multi-application,” the PS-38 Tourer on display at Aero Friedrichshafen is equipped with a prototype flat bed/litter that can be used for medical evacuation of non-critical patients or merely as a place for the pilot to spend the night.

There was no word on price for the Tourer model or when Czech Aircraft plans to start deliveries.

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