Carbon Cub SS Receives Upgrades

Modifications provide a cooler engine and warmer cabin.

Carbon Cub SS

Carbon Cub SS

Carbon Cub SSCubCrafters

CubCrafters has announced that the 2013 model of the Carbon Cub SS LSA will include several upgrades that could enhance creature comfort and improve the performance of some systems. And despite the improvements, CubCrafters claims the new Carbon Cub SS weighs less than the preceding version.

The cowling has been redesigned to provide better cooling for the 180 hp CC340 engine. The new design meets Part 23 cooling test standards and CubCrafters claims the modifications improves cylinder cooling by 40 degrees. A new Hartzell starter has also been installed with the engine, which weighs 1.7 pounds less than the previous starter and provides easier hot starts while draining less battery power, the company says.

The cabin heat system in the Carbon Cub SS has also been modified, providing significantly more airflow and an improvement in the heating power by 200 percent, according to CubCrafters. And an electrical voltage output monitor called SMARTmonitor has been installed, which provides real time voltage information and alerts in case of low voltage issues.

The base price for the Carbon Cub SS is $172,990. Options for this rugged tailwheel LSA include several large tire versions, a Whirl Wind ground-adjustable propeller, AmSafe airbags and several avionics packages, to name a few.