Eclipse Introduces Anti-Skid Brakes

ABS system will be available for Eclipse airplanes with Avio IFMS.

Eclipse Jet

Eclipse Jet

Eclipse jet

Eclipse Aerospace announced this week that it has completed the testing phase for a new anti-skid braking system (ABS) for the Eclipse 550 twin-engine very light jet (VLJ). The ABS will be optional, and can also be retrofitted to existing Eclipse jets, including Eclipse 500 airplanes with the Avio integrated flight management system (IFMS), according to a company spokesman.

The installation requires an update to the Avio Processing Center software, and the system includes two brake control valves in each wheel well, two axle mounted wheel speed sensors and a computer for a total weight of approximately 17 pounds, according to an Eclipse Aerospace news release. To offset the weight gain, the company will offer a “weight reduction package.”

“Testing of this system has exceeded our expectations, from normal touchdown speeds to a complete stop in less than 750 feet with aggressive braking,” said Cary Winter, senior vice president of Eclipse Aerospace Engineering.

Certification of the ABS is expected within six months, with first deliveries planned for early next year.