Dassault Certifies Falcon 2000S and 2000LXS

Latest Falcons gain EASA certification.

Falcon 2000S

Falcon 2000S

** Falcon 2000S**

Dassault’s newest business jets, the Falcon 2000S and Falcon 2000LXS, have received European certification, the French manufacturer announced today. Approval from the FAA, the company said, is expected to follow shortly.

Unveiled in May 2011 at EBACE in Geneva, the Falcon 2000S is the new entry-level product in the Falcon family. Equipped with upgraded EASy II avionics, FalconCabin HD+ entertainment system and a new fixed-configuration cabin designed by BMW Group DesignworksUSA, the 2000S is intended to bring large-cabin comfort to the super-midsize jet segment.

At Mach .80, the Falcon 2000S has a range of 3,350 nm (standard aircraft, six passengers, NBAA IFR reserves). The balanced field length is 4,325 feet (SL, ISA) at a maximum takeoff weight of 41,000 pounds. The 2000S climbs directly to 41,000 feet in 19 minutes, reaches a mid-cruise altitude of 45,000 feet and offers a certified ceiling of 47,000 feet, Dassault says.

Additionally, with an approach speed of 107 knots, the Falcon 2000S is capable of landing at airports with challenging steep approaches and short runways. At a typical end-of-flight profile, the Falcon 2000S needs just 2,315 feet of runway – comparable to many typical turboprops.

Falcon 2000S will begin deliveries in the second quarter, Dassault says.

The 4,000-nm Falcon 2000LXS, announced last October at the NBAA Convention, combines the short-field performance of the 2000S with the longer-range capabilities of the 2000LX. Featuring the same inboard slats and winglets as the 2000S model, the aircraft has a balanced field length of 4,675 feet (SL, ISA) at 42,800 pounds MTOW, and offers the same landing performance as the Falcon 2000S.

The Falcon 2000LXS also comes standard with EASy II avionics and FalconCabin HD+ entertainment system. Customers can specify the interior of their choice. Dassault said the Falcon 2000LXS will replace the 2000LX by the end of the year.

When they were introduced, price of the Falcon 2000S was set at around $25 million while the 2000LXS was expected to sell for close to $33 million.