Yingling Introduces Remanufactured Ascend 172

AOPA partners on Skyhawk makeover program.

Continuing a trend that has seen a number of players seek to “remanufacture” aging general aviation piston airplanes with new paint, fresh interiors, zero-time engines and extensive inspections inside and out, Yingling is the latest to want in on this market with the reimagined Ascend 172.

The program, launched at EAA AirVenture in conjunction with AOPA, seeks to take an older Cessna Skyhawk and update it with new VFR flight instruments, a refurbished interior, firewall-forward overhaul and much, much more for a starting price of $160,000. An IFR version of the Ascend 172 has a base price of $175,000.

AOPA has partnered with Aviat on a similar program for the Reimagined 152, a makeover for the timeless two-seat trainer that involves much the same treatment and sells for around $100,000.

Prices for the airplanes can quickly start rising, however, once options such as ADS-B, glass panel displays or LED lighting are added. Still, there’s no question a remanufactured 172 is less expensive to buy than a brand new Skyhawk, which comes with a standard Garmin G1000 panel and sells for more than $400,000 with typical options.

The Ascend 172 Yingling is showing off at AOPA’s Oshkosh exhibit looks terrific, with new seats, new plastic interior inserts and new instrument panel on the inside and essentially a new engine and prop on the nose. Yingling painted the airplane bright yellow in keeping with AOPA’s “You Can Fly” theme, but Ascend 172 buyers can choose any color they want.

Check out some of the other Skyhawk projects in our “Cessna 172 Skyhawks Reborn” feature here.

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