Quicksilver Sport S2SE LSA Achieves Certification

Open-cockpit LSA is ready for its customers.

Quicksilver has received the S-LSA airworthiness certificate from the FAA for its factory-built Sport S2SE. The factory assembled two-seat LSA is now ready to be delivered to customers around the country through three facilities in Temecula, California, Reserve, Louisiana, and Rochester, Minnesota.

Developed from Quicksilver’s popular ultralight designs, which have been around since the early 1970s, the S2SE was approved for production in May. With a cockpit that is made up of a tubular framework without any kind of coverings, the side-by side design allows its occupants to fully experience their surroundings in flight. The retail price has been set at $39,999, one of the lowest on the S-LSA market.

Quicksilver can now get ready to crank out S2SEs to its customers, most notably a Chinese university for which the Chinese government ordered 77 units.

If the wide-open cockpit concept makes you uncomfortable, Quicksilver is working on the S-LSA certification for its GT500 – a tandem-configured two-seater that is fully enclosed.

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