Cessna Upgrades CJs

Garmin avionics suite introduced in CJ2+ and CJ3+.

Cessna has announced its intent to upgrade two of its popular business jets: the CJ2+ and CJ3, which will now become the CJ3+. Both bizjets are replacing the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics with Garmin’s G3000 touch screen system. In addition to the new avionics suite, the two airplanes have received a new diagnostic system, facelifts inside the cabin with redesigned seats, and a new pressurization system to make the passengers and crew more comfortable. The CJ2+ upgrades will be availalbe in an aftermarket STC’d version called the CJ2+ Alpine Edition.

The G3000, which has already been incorporated into other Citation jets, is operated through two touch screen controllers, located below the large PFD and MFD screens. The system allows the CJ2+ and CJ3+ to comply with the ADS-B requirements set to take effect in 2020 while providing a long list of features, including turbulence detection, TAWS and TCAS II.

Pilots flying the G3000-equipped CJ2+ Alpine Edition and CJ3+ should have an easier time getting into the pilot and copilot seats as seven inches have been removed from the pedestal in previous versions. The CJ2+ Alpine Edition, which is an aftermarket STC product, also allows for greater customization of the paint.

In addition to a newly designed cabin, with, CJ3+ passengers can expect new toys to play with, such as Clarity’s wireless cabin management system and Aircell’s Iridium phone and high speed Internet capabilities. The CJ3+ is expected to achieve FAA certification in the third quarter, Cessna said.

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