Williams’ FJ44-4A-QPM Engine Earns FAA and EASA Certification

The FAA and EASA have granted Williams International type certification for the FJ44-4A-QPM engine. Williams International

Williams International has received type and production certification from the FAA and EASA for its FJ44-4A-QPM engine. Production deliveries have already begun. The FJ44-4A-QPM engines will power the new Pilatus PC-24 Super Versatile Jet that will begin deliveries later this year.

As part of an integrated propulsion module, Williams is supplying an anti-ice and noise suppressing inlet, an integral pre-cooler to condition engine bleed air and reduce drag losses, and its patented Exact passive thrust vectoring exhaust nozzle technology.

The PC-24 will also be the first FJ44 application to take advantage of Williams’ Quiet Power Mode, a new proprietary feature allowing the FJ44 to provide quiet, efficient ground power, eliminating the need for a traditional APU. And the FJ44-4A-QPM is the first FJ44 model to be certified with Williams latest and most advanced health-monitoring Fadec system that will be incorporated into all models in the FJ33/FJ44 turbofan family. The engine provides the operator a class-leading TBO of 5,000 hours with an on-wing inspection of the hot section at 2,500 hours.

“I am grateful to the Williams team and their FAA and EASA counterparts for the cooperative work that led to this TC, and we look forward to building these engines for the exciting new Pilatus PC-24,” said Gregg Williams, Chairman, CEO, and President of Williams International.

The FJ44-4A-QPM joins a product line of FJ33 and FJ44 engines that cover the thrust spectrum from 1,000 to 4,000 pounds of thrust. The FJ44-4A-QPM engine incorporates durability improvements gleaned from 12 million hours of operation of the 5,300 FJ44 engines in service.

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