Roger Goodell Reportedly Demanded Private Jet in New Contract

The NFL commissioner signed a new deal, but it’s unknown if he’ll have lifetime access to his own aircraft.

The NFL’s Compensation Committee reportedly informed the league’s owners on Wednesday that commissioner Roger Goodell received a new 5-year deal that will keep him very well-compensated. What isn’t known, though, is whether or not Goodell will receive the perks he reportedly demanded, including lifetime health insurance for his family and use of a private jet, also for life.

Negotiations surrounding Goodell’s newly signed contract have been contentious. Jerry Jones led the public resistance (presumably over the handling of Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension), even threatening to sue the league, against Goodell’s new contract.

Reports surfaced following the public dispute that Goodell was unhappy with the league’s initial offer, leading to a large counter offer. In addition to health benefits and aviation perks, he reportedly wanted $49.5 million annually, which some owners said was simply “too much” and even “offensive.”

Joe Lockhart, executive vice president of communications of the NFL, rejected the reports; however, ESPN stood by its initial reporting on Goodell’s demands, including his desire for a lifetime of free air travel.


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