Video: Plane Makes Successful Emergency Landing at Mogadishu’s Aden Adde International Airport

The Somalian airport was briefly closed on Tuesday because of the incident.

A Dornier 328JET carrying four people made a successful emergency landing at Mogadishu's airport after the landing gear failed.Harun Maruf/Twitter

Somalia's Aden Adde International Airport was briefly closed on Tuesday because of an emergency landing. A Dornier 328JET chartered by the U.S.-based military contractor Bancroft was reportedly carrying western officials when it experienced landing gear failure upon approach to Mogadishu. As a result, the plane circled the airport to burn fuel, before making its successful emergency landing that was caught on video.

All four people on board survived and were safely evacuated shortly after landing, as ambulances raced to the scene. Flights to and from Aden Adde were suspended before and after the plane's landing, but flight activity resumed once the landing scene was cleared.