uAvionix Multi-Function Display Approved for Canadian Aircraft

The 12-in-1 device allows for enhanced display of in-flight information.

Under the FAA’s Non-Required Safety Enhancing Equipment (NORSEE) exemption, uAvionix’s AV-20-S multifunction display is now legal for Canadian aircraft.

The device acts as a 12-in-1 mini display, where inflight information is shown on a digital matte screen. The AV-20-S fits in any standard 2 ¼-inch round instrument opening, making it compatible with nearly any aircraft panel.

“The combination of these efforts is intended to provide better access for Canadian general aviation aircraft owners to a variety of modifications they may wish to incorporate into their aircraft, and that many of these modifications will also promote an increase in safety,” Transport Canada said in the announcement.

The AV-20-S includes 12 different modes to enhance your flight, including:

  • AoA
  • G-meter
  • Attitude
  • Slip/skid indication
  • Clock (GMT/Local)
  • Outside air temperature
  • Bus voltage
  • Dual-user timers
  • Engine run timer
  • Flight timer
  • Density altitude
  • True airspeed

In addition to each mode, uAvionix includes customizable audio alerts, and a 30-minute internal battery to use in the event of loss of power.

In order to use the AV-20-S, Canadian pilots must have an aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) install the device, in accordance with relevant technical data under subpart 571 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs).


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