Use a Tire Pressure Gauge

Is it enough to visually inspect the tires?
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Judging VFR Cloud Distances

How close is too close?
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Use Your Flying Time Wisely

Review emergency procedures in flight.
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Logging Instrument Approaches for Currency

What do the regulations really mean?
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Vent the Engine

Allowing steam to release from oil can prevent corrosion.
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Disconnecting from Deadly Distractions

Focus only on the most critical tasks and figure out which ones can wait.
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After Landing Check

Prevent the disappointment of being grounded unexpectedly.
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Flying in Extreme Heat

Climb at higher airspeeds on hot days.
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Midair Collision Considerations

Precautions you can take to reduce your risk of a collision.
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Fly Respectfully

Flying at uncontrolled field requires pilots to pay attention to others.
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