Vent the Engine

Allowing steam to release from oil can prevent corrosion.

Are you in the category of pilots who park the airplane, lock it up and leave as soon as you land from a flight? You may want to take some time to hang out with your aerial chariot for a while after it gets you safely on the ground. Opening up the inspection door in the nose and removing the oil cap can prevent corrosion from building inside.

When the engine heats up, steam is created and gets trapped inside the oil tank. If the steam is allowed to fester there, it will eventually evaporate and can cause corrosion.

The corrosion is easily preventable by allowing the steam to release out of the tank. Leaving the oil cap open for 30 minutes to an hour after the flight will do the trick.

So after you land and park the airplane, open up the oil cap, unload the airplane and spend some time cleaning the interior and wiping off the bugs on the wings and fuselage. By the time you are done, the steam should have evaporated from the oil tank and you can close the cap again.

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