Texas Aircraft Offers Optional Garmin Displays on Colt-S & Colt-S LSA

Flight school customers requested the G3X & GTN650 Navigator options.

Garmin brings a variety of avionics configuration options to the Colt.Garmin Aviation

Texas Aircraft Manufacturing is now offering a complete suite of Garmin avionics for the new-generation Colt-S and Colt-S LSA that includes Garmin’s G3X Touch flight display and GTN 650 touchscreen navigator. In a news release, Texas Aircraft Manufacturing’s customer engagement team member, Scott Musselman, said the updated avionics package evolved after flight schools began asking for the option. Musselman said, “Providing Garmin packages will be a means to reduce the time and cost associated with training students on multiple avionics systems as they progress. So, whether they want a sleek single display Garmin G3X Touch panel or dual G3X Touchs for a truly impressive PFD/MFD experience, we offer what they are looking for.” All Garmin-equipped IFR-capable Colts come standard with a G5 backup.

“Today’s students want to train on the same avionics they will be using later as they advance into more complex Garmin-equipped aircraft,” Musselman said. “The wide variety of Garmin avionics that we will make available for the Colt will give flight schools and private owners a great deal of flexibility in how their avionics are configured.” Texas Aircraft is now offering Garmin-equipped Colt aircraft with the basic VFR package starting at $139,000. The fully-equipped, full-IFR Garmin package starts at $170,500. Texas Aircraft said it will continue to offer the Dynon avionics package as an additional option.