Pipistrel Makes It an Even 1,000 Sinus/Virus Aircraft

Pipistrel created the first electric two-seat airplane.

The Slovenian aircraft builder Pipistrel says it just passed a number of major milestones. The first is celebrating their 30th year in business, that the company just sold it’s 1,000th aircraft from the Sinus/Virus family and finally, that the aircraft is headed to Suriname, bringing the company’s international country total to 96.

Pipistrel is a leading small aircraft designer and producer specializing in electric-powered aircraft. The Virus family of aircraft are 2-seat EASA certified aircraft that include a dual-screen glass cockpit with an autopilot. The aircraft are also night VFR capable and certified for intentional spin training and even glider towing.

Pipistrel said while it’s been producing aircraft from the Sinus/Virus family, there have been many others, including the Taurus and Taurus Electro, Type-certified SW 121, the line of aircraft for the Indian Army – Garud, Apis Bee, Panthera and powered motor-gliders in the early years that brings the company’s complete total to more than 2,000 aircraft.

With 30 years of experience Pipistrel has a reputation for innovative products, among others the first electric two-seater in 2007 and first electric four-seat airplane in 2011, which went on to win the NASA Green Flight Challenge. The Pipistrel Vertical Solutions team has designed eight different electric aircraft since 2007 and has developed aircraft propulsion systems for NASA and Siemens’s aircraft.


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